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CRYOPRECIPITATEStorage for 1 year at –20° C or below

Cryoprecipitate is prepared from Fresh Frozen Plasma to concentrate Factor VIII and von Willebrand’s Factor.  This product is most appropriate for treating patients with Hemophilia A or von Willebrand’s disease because large amounts of the necessary clotting factors can be provided while reducing the risk of volume overload in these patients. 

Key Benefits

bulletTyped for DEA 1.1 Negative or DEA 1.1 Positive - type unspecific when cell contamination is less than 2% bulletAvailable in 1 size only bulletReduces risk of volume overload


Whole Unit -  components produced from 450 ml of whole blood

Half Unit - components produced from 250 ml of whole blood

Call for Pricing

Description Size Type
Cryoprecipitate 1 unit DEA 1.1 Negative
Cryoprecipitate  1 unit DEA 1.1 Positive

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