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Sun States is providing these useful tools to help professionals maximize the benefits of component therapy.  These worksheets provide guidelines for thresholds for transfusions, component selection, and dosing.  While they are meant as a general guide, they should never substitute for good clinical judgment by the provider caring for particular patients.  These worksheets should be used as documentation for each procedure and kept in every patient's medical file.  Adobe Reader© is required to view these worksheets and instructions as these files are in PDF format.

Blood Component Brochure

      Blood Components Brochure

Transfusion Worksheets

        Pre-Transfusion Worksheet - Patient Typing and Cross-matching

        Transfusion Worksheet - Packed Red Blood Cells

        Transfusion Worksheet - Plasma and Platelet Products


Splitting Full Units

      Instructions to Split Full Units with Satellite Bags into Half Units


Y-Administration Sets

      Instructions for using a Y-Administration set


Dosing Guidelines

      Dosage Guidelines

PRBC Dosage Calculator

Desired PCV:
Patient PCV:
The amount of Packed Red Blood Cells (PRBC's)
needed to transfuse this patient is mLs


Pre-Transfusion Treatment

    Diphenhydramine  (Benadryl®):   1 mg/lb.     


Dosage Guidelines

PRBCs:  Packed red blood cells are dosed based using the following formula:


                             WT x 70 x (PCVdesired --- PCVpatient)

                   mL =                                                                 



                    mL = mL to transfuse

                    WT = weight of patient (kg)

                    PCVdesired = Target PCV

                    PCVpatient = Patient’s current PCV

                    PCVprbcs = PCV of PRBCs*


*The PCV of the PRBCs can be measured directly, or assume PCV=60% (for Optisol® / Adsol®) or PCV=80% (for CPDA-1) as supplied by Sun States.  If you are rehydrating with saline, add 150 mL 0.9% NS and assume PCV=50%.


USE ONLY 0.9% NORMAL SALINE TO REHYDRATE PRBCs.  Dextrose or calcium-containing solutions (such as Lactated Ringer’s) may interfere with the anticoagulants solutions used to store blood products.


FFP, Plasma, Cryosupernatant: 

    6-12 mL/kg.  Severe deficits of immunoglobulin may require up to 20 mL/kg/dose over 2-4 hours.


Cryoprecipitate:  1-2 mL/kg.  Severe coagulopathies may require up to 5 mL/kg/dose over 1 hour.  In severe bleeding episodes repeat administration every 12 hours as needed to maintain hemostasis.




Start all infusions at a slow rate (10 mL/hour or less) and titrate upward after several minutes.  To minimize the risk of transfusion reactions, plan to infuse over a 2 – 4 hour timeframe. bullet

If a transfusion reaction occurs, STOP THE TRANSFUSION.  Additional Benadryl®  or corticosteroids can be administered.  For mild reactions, the transfusion may be resumed at a slower rate once symptoms have subsided.



This page is provided for educational use only. Although every effort has been made to ensure reliability, Sun States: Blood Banks for Animals does not make any warranty, either expressed or implied regarding the performance of this calculator; nor shall they have any liability or responsibility with respect to any claim, loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused in any way through the use of this calculator to Sun States: Blood Banks for Animals or its creator. The entire risk as to the results and performance of this page is assumed entirely by the user. Furthermore, this dosing calculator is to be used as a guideline for transfusions. Each patient is unique and therefore, the amount of blood components transfused by a treating veterinarian is to be interpreted and administered at the sole discretion of the physician.


Special thanks to Gary Nicholson for creating our PRBC Dosage Calculator.  For more information, please visit: